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Located in downtown Hendersonville, the Ryan Bradley Law Firm, PLLC represents clients in Henderson, Polk, and Transylvania Counties. Our firm focuses on client satisfaction while fighting to ensure our clients’ rights are protected. We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every case and customize our support to your individual needs and concerns. Whether your situation requires litigation, negotiation, or planning for the future, you can be confident that your best interests will be our top priority.

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Child custody is often a difficult and emotional facet of a separation or divorce. Each case is impacted by a number of varying circumstances specific to each family’s situation. The Ryan Bradley Law Firm has handled hundreds of cases involving child custody, including actions for full custody, visitation, changes in custody, and grandparent custody. We can help you achieve a custody arrangement that best suits the needs of you and your children—whether it be by agreement between the parents or through a trial by a District Court Judge.


Equitable distribution is the legal term for the process of dividing property and debts between spouses in a divorce. While this can sometimes be a contentious issue for the parties, it can also be a very complex legal issue. Many factors can go into a judge’s consideration of how and to whom property and debts will be divided.  We help guide you through this difficult process by identifying the specific circumstances of your case which will assist you in obtaining the best result for your desired outcome.


Although the word divorce is generally associated with the entire process of a parties’ separation, it is regularly the least complex legal issue involved.  An absolute divorce in North Carolina is the legal transition from married to unmarried.  It can occur even if other issues relating to the marriage have not been resolved.  Many times parties will not require other issues to be addressed and only need the entry of a divorce order.  Whether it is your only issue or just one of several, we are here to help make the transition as smooth as possible.


Child support is frequently coupled with actions for child custody, although it is not required to have a custody order for a parent to seek child support.  In North Carolina, child support is determined by guidelines which account for the living arrangements of the minor children, the income of the parties, and certain expenses on behalf of the minor children.  While the calculation may be predetermined under the law, several legal nuances can make it difficult for the Court to adequately calculate child support.  We are here to help make sure you receive the appropriate amount of child support your children are due.


Spousal support takes two forms in North Carolina: Post Separation Support, which is temporary in nature and can last until an absolute divorce, and Alimony, which is the more permanent in nature and can literally last a lifetime.  There are several factors specific to each situation which go into a Court’s determination of awarding (or not awarding) spousal support.  Unlike child support, North Carolina does not have guidelines for spousal support, leaving a great deal of discretion to the presiding Judge. We can help protect your rights and see that you receive a fair outcome from the Court.


North Carolina law provides for the issuance of a domestic violence protective order (DVPO) when certain facts exist.  A DVPO is able to remove a victim and potentially their children from the threat of violence inflicted by another.  Unfortunately, at times a DVPO is also used wrongfully against a party to gain an advantage in a situation involving child custody or divorce.  A DVPO can have a significant impact on your rights, from property to children.  The Ryan Bradley Law Firm has handled and tried numerous DVPO’s.  Whether you are in need of a DVPO or a DVPO has been issued against you, we will fight for you and protect your rights.


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